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Get More Clients In Less Than 6 Weeks - My Legal Academy

Get More Clients In Less Than 6 Weeks

Within 6 weeks inside of our battle-tested and results-based implementation program, you will pack your calendar with high-quality meetings from qualified clients for your law firm. You will outpace your director competitors in your legal market with a reliable, consistent, and predictable system that will bring you, clients, 24/7 around the clock. And… You own the entire system yourself!

Automate Your Law Firm To Run Itself - My Legal Academy

Automate Your Law Firm To Run Itself

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, overworked, and you feel like you’re doing everything yourself because you lack the systems, procedures, and automation you need for your law firm to run without you… We will set up automated systems and hire the best virtual assistants for your law firm to run completely without you!

Enjoy More Free Time By Working Less - My Legal Academy

Enjoy More Free Time By Working Less

If you feel like you have lots of moving parts to manage, legal work is piling up, and you feel like you’re consistently putting out fires… We’ll help you create clear systems and procedures to transition from law firm operator to law firm owner! You will be able to step away so your law firm can run completely without you!

Lawyers Who 2X Their Law Firm Revenue With Our Program

Meet the  Attorneys Who Transformed Their Practices and 2X Their Law Firms Through Systems, Automation, and Predictability

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Join Us For Fun
In-Person Events

We provide value to our My Legal Academy community by supplying proven tools, always-on support, and an encouraging network to fast-track growth in their legal practice.

As a member of the My Legal Academy community, you’re never alone on your journey.

Our exclusive, members-only Slack and in-person meetups connect you with driven legal professionals, a support system for sharing wins, and endless inspiration. And the best part? It’s all in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Let’s scale to greatness and have fun doing it!

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A Letter From Our Founder

From: Sam Mollaei
Re: Why you should consider us…

That’s a great question! In this world full of success “gurus” and shady, “fly-by-night” companies who overpromise and underdeliver on measurable results, it’s only natural to wonder what sets My Legal Academy apart.

Let’s be real, being a lawyer can be tough. It’s demanding and time-consuming, and it can be hard to find the support you need to succeed.

That’s where we come in. Our goal is to help you unleash your true potential, both in your professional and personal life.

But we don’t just teach you theory, we show you how to implement what actually works. Our approach is based on results, not guesswork, and it’s evident in the success of our members.

We’ve helped grow 3 law firms into 7-figure businesses, generate 20,000 legal clients, and have over 3,390 5-Star reviews on Google.

But it’s not just about the numbers, it’s about the impact we have on our members’ lives.

By creating systems that automate time-consuming tasks, we give you the freedom to spend more time on what matters most – family, friends, and personal growth.

We’ve got a community of like-minded lawyers where you can ask questions, share ideas, and get support.

Our library of courses, webinars, and other learning materials is always up-to-date with the latest industry trends and best practices.

And, our team of experts is always available to provide personalized coaching and guidance.

At My Legal Academy, we believe that success is not just about winning cases and growing your law firm, it’s also about having the freedom to live a fulfilling life.

We’re here to help you achieve both. We want you to work smart, scale fast and enjoy life.

If you’re ready to take your law firm to the next level and unleash your true potential, come join us.

Sam Mollaei, Esq.
Founder of My Legal Academy

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Let Us Create a Custom Blueprint for Growing Your Firm

We’ll help you create a scalable law firm that generates morerevenue automates tedious tasks and lets you spend moretime enjoying life – guaranteed or your money back.

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